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The links provided on this page are for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on any of these sites. It is good practice to verify any information found online through a trusted source....more
Legal Information Reference Center

The Legal Information Reference Center, by EBSCO, provides full-text pdf access to hundreds of self-help publications. Read the full text of most of NOLO Press', the leading self-help legal publisher, publications. As well as, publications from various other publishers. You can read these books from home!!!


California Resources

California Codes Searchable database of all current California Codes. Once you get to the page, click on California Law. From the California Law page there are three different ways to retrieve sections. You can click on the code name (i.e. Family C...more

Santa Cruz County Resources (includes all cities within the county)

Local Codes

Santa Cruz County Code
Santa Cruz Municipal Code <...more

Comprehensive Legal Sites

Comprehensive collection of legal information available on the World Wide Web. This site is broken up into two different areas; one for the public and one for legal professionals. The site for the public, www.findlaw.c...more

Federal Resources

United States Supreme Court The official website of the U.S. Supreme Court offers links to opinions, the current docket, merit briefs for scheduled cases, rules of court, transcripts of oral arguments and much more.

United S...more

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