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Currently, there are 133 publications available through CEB OnLAW with new content being added on a regular basis. By accessing the database you will have access to the following list of publications. Access is available on all of the law library's public computer terminals.

   Administering a Single-Person Trust After Settlor’s Death
   Advising California Common Interest Communities
   Advising California Employers and Employees
   Advising California Nonprofit Corporations
   Advising California Partnerships
   Advising and Defending Corporate Directors and Officers
   Appeals and Writs in Criminal Cases
   Bringing & Defending a Sexual Harassment Action
   Business Buy-Sell Agreements
   California Administrative Hearing Practice, 2d Ed.
   California Administrative Mandamus
   California Attorney Fee Awards
   California Business Litigation
   California Attorney’s Guide to Damages
   California Child Custody Litigation & Practice
   California Civil Appellate Practice
   California Civil Discovery Practice
   California Civil Procedure Before Trial
   California Civil Writ Practice
   California Conservatorship Practice
   California Construction Contracts & Disputes
   California Criminal Law Forms Manual
   California Criminal Law Procedure & Practice
   California Decedent Estate Practice, Vols. 1 & 2
   California Decedent Estate Practice, Vol. 3
   California Domestic Partnerships
   California Durable Powers of Attorney
   California Elder Law Litigation: An Advocate’s Guide
   California Elder Law Resources, Benefits, & Planning: An Advocate’s Guide
   California Estate Planning
   California Eviction Defense Manual
   California Expert Witness Guide
   California Government Tort Liability Practice
   California Guardianship Practice
   California Judges Benchbook: Domestic Violence Cases in Criminal Court
   California Judges Benchbook: Search & Seizure
   California Juvenile Dependency Practice
   California Land Use Practice
   California Landlord-Tenant Practice
   California Law of Contracts
   California Liability Insurance Practice: Claims & Litigation
   California Local Probate Rules
   California Marital Settlement and Other Family Law Agreements
   California Mechanics’ Liens & Related Construction Remedies      
   California Mortgage & Deed of Trust Practice
   California Personal Injury Proof
   California Probate Workflow Manual Revised
   California Real Estate Finance Practice: Strategies & Forms
   California Real Property Remedies & Damages
   California Real Property Sales Transactions
   California Subdivision Map Act & the Development Process
   California Title Insurance Practice
   California Tort Damages
   California Tort Guide
   California Trial Objections
   California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial
   California Trust Administration
   California Trust & Probate Litigation
   California UCC Sales and Leases
   California Uninsured Motorist Practice
   California Will Drafting
   California Workers’ Compensation Practice
   California Workers’ Damages Practice
   Capacity & Undue Influence: Assessing, Challenging, & Defending
   Complete Plans for Small and Mid-Size Estates
   Condemnation Practice in California
   Counseling California Corporations
   Creating Your Discovery Plan
   Debt Collection Practice in California
   Defending Your Client in a Misdemeanor Case
   Dissolution Strategies: From Intake to Judgment
   Dividing Pensions & Other Employee Benefits
   Domestic Violence Remedies in California Family Law Cases
   Drafting Business Contracts: Principles, Techniques & Forms
   Drafting California Irrevocable Trusts
   Drafting California Revocable Trusts
   Effective Direct & Cross-Examination
   Effective Introduction of Evidence in California
   Enforcing Civil Money Judgments
   Estate Planning 2005
   Estate Planning 2006
   Estate Planning 2007
   Estate Planning 2008
   Estate Planning for Special Assets
   Family Law Financial Discovery
   Fee Agreement Forms Manual
   Felony Sentencing Handbook
   Financing & Protecting California Businesses
   Forming & Operating California Limited Liability Companies
   Forming California Common Interest Developments
   Funding a Revocable Trust
   Ground Lease Practice
   Handling a Probate
   Handling a Wrongful Termination Action
   Handling Civil Appeals
   Handling Depositions
   Handling Disputes During Construction
   Handling Mechanics’ Liens & Related Remedies (Private Works)
   Handling Mold Litigation in California
   Handling Motions to Compel & Other Discovery Motions
   Handling Postmortem Trust Administration: A Checklist
   Handling a Real Property Foreclosure
   Handling Real Property Sales Transactions
   Handling Subpoenas
   Handling Unlawful Detainers
   Intellectual Property in Business Transactions
   Internet Law and Practice in California
   Jefferson’s California Evidence Benchbook
   Laying a Foundation to Introduce Evidence
   Litigator’s Guide to Effective Use of ADR in California, A
   Mandatory Criminal Jury Instructions Handbook
   Meeting Statutory Deadlines: During & After Litigation
   Obtaining Discovery: Initiating & Responding to Discovery Procedures
   Office Leasing: Drafting & Negotiating the Lease
   Organizing Corporations in California
   Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Practice in California
   Planning & Conducting Family Law Discovery
   Practice Under the California Environmental Quality Act
   Practice Under the CA Family Code: Dissolution, Legal Separation Nullity
   Preparing for Trial
   Privacy Compliance and Litigation in California
   Real Properties Exchanges
   Retail Leasing: Drafting & Negotiating the Lease
   Sales and Mergers of California Businesses
   Scientific Evidence in California Criminal Cases
   Secured Transactions in California Commercial Law Practice
   Selecting & Forming Business Entities
   Special Needs Trusts
   Trade Secrets Practice in California
   Transferring Property Without Probate
   Working With Independent Contractors, Leased Workers, and Outsourcing
   Wrongful Employment Termination Practice

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