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California Codes Searchable database of all current California Codes. Once you get to the page, click on California Law. From the California Law page there are three different ways to retrieve sections. You can click on the code name (i.e. Family Code) for a table of contents. You can enter a specific code section in the top right hand corner. First select the code from the drop down menu, then enter the section number you wish to read. You can click on the tab "text search" to enter keywords. This new site offers new features including the "Today's Law as Amended" feature that allows the user to compare the current law with proposed legislation at various phases of amendments.

California Legislation  Database that goes back to 1999-2000. Visit for a database of Senate and Assembly Bills going back to the 1993-1994 session. You can look up bills by author, bill number or key word. In addition to the text of the bill (and any amendments to the text) you will find analyses including arguments in support and opposition and votes done on the floor or in committee. For archived legislative information go to which provides links to legislative documents from 1849-2011. The documents included are Senate and Assembly Journals, Histories and Indexes and Statutes (final text of passed bills).

California Statutory Record is available between the years of 1999-2008. The site allows you to look up a particular code section and provides a link to the Statutes at Large that either added or amended each section.  

California Legislators Find your representatives by zip code, district or browse a list of all members of the House and Assembly. 

California Regulations Text of the California Code of Regulations (previously called the California Administrative Code). Includes access to all of the Titles except Title 24 California Building Code. This is published by a private publisher and is not available anywhere online free of charge.

California Regulatory Notice Register is published in conjunction with the California Code of Regulations updates. The Notice is published every Friday and contains notices of proposed regulatory actions by state regulatory agencies. These actions may be to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations contained within the Code of Regulations. Current notices and archived notices going back to 2002 can be found at the Office of Administrative Law's website above.

California Ballot Propositions This database provided by Hastings College of Law has the text of propositions from 1911 - present.

California Ballot Initatives Searchable database of ballot initatives provided by Hastings College of Law from 1911-present. Initatives from 2004 - current can be found at the California Attorney General's website at

California Cases Free version of the "official reports" published by Lexis. Allows you to retrieve a case by citation or search by keyword.  

California Judicial Council Links to California Courts, Judicial Council Forms, Rules of Court, guides explaining the California Court System, reports on issues dealt within the legal system and recent decisions of the California Supreme court and the California Court of Appeals

California Self-Help Center Links to basic information on common legal issues, including links to the forms required. All California standardized court forms can be found at

LawHelpCalifornia portal site that provides general information about certain legal topics and refers to agencies providing assistance in each area.

California Secretary of State Information on business entities, California corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. This site provides Secretary of State file number, date of filing, agent for process of service, and status information. Voter and campaign finance information can also be found here.

California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices prescribes uniform standards and specifications for all official traffic control devices in California. This action was taken pursuant to the provisions of the California Vehicle Code Section 21400 and the recommendation of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC).


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